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EarBOX proposes inovation in musical clothing market, evolving traditional clothing items, where new technologies and art merge and envolve you in perfect harmony with the world around.




The will and need on our daily lives to move in harmony with our music is obvious when we consider the number of headphone users everywhere. It is also obvious that the misusage of such device can lead to disadvantages, difficulties, and even real danger to our phisical integrity.


Presently in the communication era, the presence in societies around the world of headphone devices is undeniable: from headsets for computer's usage, to professional high acustic quality headphones, and even to the simple headphone that every XXIst century teenager must have, providing them with all their favorite tunes straight into their ears, everytime, everywhere.


Also undeniable is the role these devices are increasingly playing in newspapers and medical's offices. There is an alarmingly increasing number of accidents happening due to headphones' blockage of the ambience noises that would aware the user of a dangerous situation, and the number of teenagers now showing early and deep hearing loss is also rising much more than it could be every year. Also, the decibel levels these teenagers expose themselves to, from concerts and discos to countless hours listening to very loud music through headphones, are to blame for these situations, experts say.

Although, there is not one single reason why we can´t enjoy our music in any place or any time.

International Delivery


To place an order from any other country in the world, please follow this few easy and simple steps:
- First: Select your favorite model from our online shop, along with size and color.
- Second: send us an email to with the following information:
-- Full name
-- Country
-- Selected model
- Third: After receiving your email we will identify your country and send you another e-mail with the suitable payment method and delivery time.
- Fourth: Confirm your interest by sending us a final email stating that you agree with both the payment method as well has the delivery time.
Example: “ I (place name) agree with the delivery deal made with EARBOXWEAR S,A. and compromise in proceeding with the defined payment method in time. “
- Fifth: Few days later you'll have your own groovy EarBOX, which we truely believe you will enjoy!